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Using mulch in your landscaping is more than just for looks. Spreading mulch around plants and throughout the garden beds can help maintain moisture, can reduce weeds, can be used to improve the pH balance of the soil, and can help prevent soil erosion.

The benefits of mulch will depend on selecting the right type of mulching material and on using the correct techniques. Call on our experts in mulching in Lansdale, PA at EZ Landscaping to get the right application for your needs at the region’s most reasonable prices.

When you call on us, we will establish which type of mulch is needed and which color selection you prefer. Then we will provide high quality mulch delivery and we will apply the mulch to the correct level of thickness to do the job. We also can provide residential and commercial customers with light grading to help shape, contour, or level the garden and yard. We are an experienced lawn composter and can help you start building your own source of beneficial compost that you can add to your soil.

Just as not all mulches are alike, not all landscapers are the same. We at EZ Landscaping specialize in providing services that will thoroughly care for your lawn and shrubs. These can include mowing, raking, aerating, overseeding, fertilizing, weed and pest control, seasonal clean ups, and so much more.

When your yard is crying out for some color or needs the other benefits that mulching can provide, get in touch with us at EZ Landscaping for a yard inspection and free estimate. We are the professionals Lansdale trusts for their lawn care needs.

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